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Hundreds of clients have trusted us with their Permanent Makeup Removal and Correction needs. Read some of their reviews below to learn how Permanent Makeup Removal and Color Correction enhanced their life.

What Is Permanent Makeup Tattoo Removal?

Sometimes the shape of your permanent makeup wasn’t what you wanted, or maybe it’s just no longer to your liking. Luckily, we’re able to correct unwanted permanent makeup and tattoos using simple Salt and Saline.

We do not use any lasers to do this. What we use are fine, micro-needles to implant our lifting solution at the site of the unwanted pigment. Through the process of “Osmosis” the salt and saline will remove the unwanted tattoo.

This technique can give you a second chance at your best eyebrows, eyeliner and lips. A consultation is required to give you an estimate of how many treatments may be needed. 1-4 is average depending on the age, depth and saturation of the ink or pigment. The integrity of your skin will also be taken in to consideration.

What is Permanent Makeup Color Correction?

Do you love the shape and design of your eyebrows, eyeliner or lips but the color just isn’t right? You may be able to skip the removal process and improve the appearance of your permanent makeup with Color Correction alone. Color Correction is exactly as it sounds, a shift or adjustment of an unwanted color.

What we often see with our clients is permanent makeup color that has not stood the test of time. Old permanent makeup can fade to unwanted colors such as red, pink, orange, blue, green, purple or grey. This is due to the “life fastness” of the pigment originally used.

Every pigment or ink color is created by combining several colors until the desired shade is achieved. Unfortunately, not all colors used to make one pigment shade will fade at the same rate or speed. The rate at which a color fades is called the life fastness of that color. Sometimes one color, (blue, pink, green, etc.) in the pigment will have a stronger life fastness and it will last much longer than the rest, leaving you with a faded and miss-colored eyebrow, eyeliner or lip. The good news is that in most cases this can be fixed with color correction.

This process can be explained in even greater detail by your technician.

Can I Have Both Removal And Color Correction?

The answer is yes! And they can even be done during the same appointment.

This is a popular option for our clientele. You are a candidate for this if you still want permanent makeup, but the shape and color are not ideal for you. We begin with color and shape correction of the undesired tattoo, and end with the removal of any areas that fall outside of the desired shape. You will be scheduled for a follow up visit to make sure your treatment has healed appropriately.


Step 1: We Consult With You

When you come in for your appointment we’ll begin by discussing your unwanted tattoo with you. During the consultation, we'll go over all of your options and decide if removal, color correction, or removal and color correction is best to suit your goals.

Step 2: We Numb The Site of the Unwanted Tattoo

Once we agree on a plan of action, we’ll apply a topical numbing cream and wait 20 minutes to make certain you are as comfortable as possible. Many clients worry about these procedures being painful but the truth is most clients do not complain about any pain, and even fall asleep!

Step 3: We Begin The Removal And/Or Color Correction Process

Saline Removal Process:

Using micro-needles, your technician will implant our saline and salt solution throughout the site of the unwanted tattoo. We will complete 2-4 passes before applying a 10 minute saline mask. This process typically takes between 15 and 25 minutes.

Color Correction Process:

This technique is the same as described above, except instead of saline and salt we will use a corrective color that is complementary to the unwanted color. The result will be the desired shade of blonde or brown.

2-4 passes are completed before applying a 10 minutes color mask. This process typically take between 20 and 30 minutes.

*If having both Color Correction and Removal done during the same treatment then the Color and Shape correction will be done first, followed by the removal of any unwanted color outside of the desired shape.

Step 4: You Receive Your After Care Kit And Instruction

After your permanent makeup removal and/or color and shape correction is complete, we'll go over your after care instructions and send you home with a complete after care kit.

Over the next 8 weeks your unwanted tattoo will:

Saline Removal Results: Begin to lighten and fade away.

Color Correction Results: Heal to the appropriate shade of Blonde or Brunette.

Permanent Makeup Removal Fix Lighten Microblading removal
Permanent Makeup Removal Fix Lighten Microblading removal
Permanent Makeup Removal Fix Lighten Microblading removal
Permanent Makeup Removal Fix Lighten Microblading removal
MicrobladingPermanent Makeup Removal Fix Lighten Microblading removal

*Number of treatments needed depends on the age, depth and saturation of the ink or pigment originally used. The integrity of your skin will also be taken in to consideration. 1-4 treatments is average for Permanent Makeup Removal while Color Correction can require 1-3. This will be discussed with you further during your consultation.


Nicole Mansur is a Certified Permanent Makeup and Tattoo Removal Specialist, Permanent Cosmetic Artist, and Licensed Esthetician  with over 14 years of experience. She has 1,100 hours of training and over 20 Certifications in Permanent Makeup Removal, Permanent Makeup Color Correction, Permanent Makeup Artistry, Semi-Permanent Makeup Artistry, Micro Blading, Advanced Color Theory, Skin Care, and Esthetics.


Proud Member of:

Permanent Makeup Removal Fix Lighten Microblading removal

Society of Permanent Cosmetics Professionals

Permanent Makeup Removal Fix Lighten Microblading removal

State Board of Cosmetology

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Blood Born Pathogens Certified

Permanent Makeup Removal Fix Lighten Microblading removal

California Department of Public Health 

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I am so happy I found Nicole after my previous, disastrous permanent makeup experience. She was able to completely turn around my once green and uneven eyebrows. Now I get compliments all the time and I refer everyone to her! I would never go to anyone else for permanent makeup and I recommend her hands down!
— Susanna H.
My eyeliner was completely uneven and Nicole fixed it! My wings drooped and pointed downward, it was awful and aged me terribly. Nicole was able to remove and correct my sad eyeliner within one session! I couldn’t be any more pleased. If you had a poor eyeliner job there is still hope for you!
— Patricia T.


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